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About me
John Maw 

I think this is the hardest part: talking about me. Talking about yourself is like putting yourself in front of a mirror, reflecting on what you have been, what you are and what you would like to be. Hi, my name is Giovanni Maw and I am a pathos photographer. I live in Umbria, precisely in Castiglione del Lago. I am among the 20 Italian photographers to represent Italy in the world, through the Discover The Other Italy project, sponsored by Expo 2015, ENIT - Italian Tourism Agency and Fai - Fondo Ambiente Italiano . Almost 20 years ago I started photographing in film, developing in a darkroom with a medium format Yashica G-Mat 124 a beautiful Binocular with 6x6 film, it was a thrill to see those photos born. In my photographic journey I was initially born as a landscape photographer of Phatos. A unique doctrine that has led me to travel a lot around the world, the Russian Arctic Pole, Norway, Finland, Iceland and practically all of Europe. I was looking for the perfect landscape of the perfect atmosphere or maybe I was looking for Me. In my career I have won many prestigious awards such as the Canon Eos adventure in 2011, ProWed Awards and dozens of galleries, interviews in various national and international trade journals Internationally. Everyone asked me how and what I looked at in what I was shooting, everyone wanted to understand, in truth I too wanted to understand myself. In photography there is no specific technique but there is research into a technique. It was there that I recognized myself in a pictorial setting related to the emotions of the Humans. I was looking for emotions among people of any kind by contextualizing them in the environment and in my setting as a landscape designer and pictorial research, I began to simply celebrate Love in all its forms. So I approached the Reportage. I started shooting Weddings in a unique way that still distinguishes me today. I'm looking for a relationship, a feeling with the couple, I try to understand their story, their love, their sufferings, their joys. This means that during their event even a small harmless look for everyone but not for me, so I shoot Love, so I codify a look, a caress, a shadow, a reflection. This is because in the end you don't have to have trivial wedding souvenir photos but really a love story and if you have arrived at the wedding it is because you believe in it that step is a goal, a rebirth, a departure and it is really worth having shots worthy of the your love.

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